Paul Walkers Ghost Appears In The Fast & Furious 8 (Incredible Video)

After the death of Paul Walker 3 years ago in a tragic accident .
His terrible end came on November 30, 2013 in the city of Santa Clarita , California.In recent days his name has come to be in the mouth of everyone .

And, very recently many people say they have seen his ghost prowling the set of the latest movie of “Fast & Furious ” movie which the authors was released in April 14, 2017.

An American car insurance company used the death of actor Paul Walker to promote its website selling cover for drivers.

Price comparison site 4AutoInsuranceQuote took to Twitter to encourage people to “get your free quote” after the Fast And The Furious star died when the Porsche sports car he was travelling in crashed into a tree and a street light.

In a series of more than 30 tweets directed at news organisations and celebrities expressing sadness at Mr Walker’s death, the company said: “the real question on everybody’s mind is – did he have car insurance?”

One tweet, directed at Walker’s official account, said: “Yo Paul did u have auto insurance for that crash? Hope so,” before linking to its website.

The messages drew bewilderment and fury from other users of the social networking site.

One user wrote: “You’re seriously using someone’s death to advertise yourselves? Not getting my business, hope you go under.”

Another added: “This is UNBELIEVABLE.. Sack your social media manager.”

The account did not respond to requests for a comment, and the tweets have not been deleted. 4AutoInsuranceQuote website pledges to match users with the “most affordable rates in the industry”.

Walker, 40, was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT when it crashed about 30 miles away from Los Angeles on Saturday.

His financial adviser, Roger Rodas, who was driving, was also killed in the accident, which the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department said may have been caused by the speed at which the car was being driven.

Walker starred in all but one of the six Fast and Furious films made since 2001 and had been on break from shooting the seventh instalment. Although much of the film has been shot, it remains incomplete.


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